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This page contains links to the online edition of the math and computer science journals, magazines, proceedings and databases that the University subscribes to. You have full access to all articles in journals, magazines or books that the University subscribes to at these sites. They are mostly in PDF or Postscript format. Information about readers for these file formats can be found at the following site.

These links are from the following sources at the University Libraries.

Some General Collections

Here are some sites that may be of interests to computer science and math science students and faculty. These are also gateways to some of the journals listed later on this page. You can access these sites from anywhere by using your Access ID and password. No Access ID or password is needed if your computer is on a PSU network. See the second link listed above for a description of these collections.

Direct Links

For your convenience here are some of the math and computer science journals, magazines and proceedings from the above collections. Most of these links provide direct access to the journal/magazine/proceedings. Authentication is done automatically through the IP address of your PSU computer. Some of these links may require that you login in through LIAS. Use the above links to get to the following journals if you are on a computer not on the PSU network.

If you feel that a link should be added to this list please email it to

  1. Descriptions of all LIAS Databases and Resources
  2. The ACM Digital Library
  3. Acta Informatica
  4. Advances in Applied Mathematics
  5. Advances in Mathematics
  6. Algorithmica
  7. American Journal of Mathematics
  8. American Mathematical Society Journals Program
  9. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic
  10. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis
  11. Applied Mathematical Modelling
  12. Applied Mathematics and Computation
  13. Applied Mathematics & Optimization
  14. Applied Mathematics Letters
  15. Applied Numerical Mathematics
  16. Archive for Mathematical Logic
  17. Artificial Intelligence
  18. Artificial Intelligence in Engineering
  19. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
  20. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology
  21. CVGIP: Graphical Models and Image Processing
  22. CVGIP: Imgae Understanding
  23. Cognitive Science
  24. Combinatorica
  25. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
  26. Computational Statistics
  27. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
  28. Computer-Aided Design
  29. Computer Aided Geometric Design
  30. Computers and Biomedical Research
  31. Computer Fraud & Security
  32. Computer Networks
  33. ComputerSelect Web - Select a Section
  34. Computer Speech & Language
  35. Computer Vision and Image Understanding
  36. Computers & Education
  37. Computers & Mathematics with Applications
  38. Computers & Operations Research (--Back Issues--)
  39. Computers & Security
  40. Computers in Biology and Medicine
  41. Computers in Human Behavior
  42. Computing
  43. Constructive Approximation
  44. Contemporary Educational Psychology
  45. Differential Geometry and its Applications
  46. Discrete & Computational Geometry
  47. Discrete Applied Mathematics
  48. Discrete Mathematics
  49. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
  50. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  51. European Journal of Applied Mathematics
  52. European Journal of Combinatorics
  53. European Journal of Operational Research
  54. Expert Systems with Applications
  55. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
  56. Finite Fields and Their Applications
  57. Future Generation Computer Systems
  58. Games and Economic Behavior
  59. Genomics
  60. Geometric and Functional Analysis
  61. Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  62. Graphical Models
  63. Graphs and Combinatorics
  64. Historia Mathematica
  65. IEEE Journals, Magazines, Proceedings & Standards
  66. Image and Vision Computing
  67. Information and Computation
  68. Information Processing Letters
  69. Information Sciences
  70. Information Systems
  71. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics
  72. Integration, the VLSI Journal
  73. The International Information & Library Review
  74. International Journal of Educational Research
  75. International Journal of Game Theory
  76. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  77. The Internet and Higher Education
  78. Inventiones Mathematicae
  79. Journal of Algebra
  80. Journal of Algorithms
  81. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
  82. Journal of Approximation Theory
  83. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series A
  84. Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B
  85. Journal of Complexity
  86. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
  87. Journal of Computer and System Sciences
  88. Journal of Cryptology
  89. Journal of Differential Equations
  90. Journal of Functional Analysis
  91. Journal of Geometry and Physics
  92. Journal of Functional Programming
  93. The Journal of Logic Programming
  94. Journal of the London Mathematical Society
  95. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  96. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior
  97. Journal of Mathematical Economics
  98. Journal of Mathematical Psychology
  99. Journal of Multivariate Analysis
  100. Journal of Network and Computer Applications
  101. Journal of Nonlinear Science
  102. Journal of Number Theory
  103. Journal of Operations Management
  104. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
  105. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
  106. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
  107. Journal of Symbolic Computation
  108. Journal of Systems and Software
  109. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
  110. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
  111. JSTOR - Archives of back issues of various journals.
  112. Kluwer Online - A large collection of journals in Mathematics, Computer Science as well as other areas.
  113. The Knowledge Engineering Review
  114. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  115. Linear Algebra and its Applications
  116. Machine Vision and Applications
  117. Manuscripta Mathematica
  118. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  119. Mathematical Programming
  120. Mathematical Social Sciences
  121. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  122. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
  123. Mathematische Annalen
  124. Mathematische Zeitschrift
  125. Monatschefte für Mathematik
  126. Natural Language Engineering
  127. Neural Computing & Applications
  128. Neural Networks
  129. Neurocomputing
  130. New Generation Computing
  131. Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications
  132. Numerische Mathematik
  133. Operations Research Letters
  134. Parallel Computing
  135. Pattern Recognition Letters
  136. Probability in the Engineering and Information Sciences
  137. Probability Theory and Related Fields
  138. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
  139. Real-time Imaging
  140. Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  141. Science of Computer Programming
  142. Electronic Access to SIAM Journals
  143. Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science
  144. Statistics & Probability Letters
  145. Teaching and Teacher Education
  146. Theoretical Computer Science
  147. Theory of Probability and Its Applications Online
  148. Topology
  149. Topology and its Applications
  150. The VLDB Journal (The International Journal on Very Large Databases)
  151. Vision Research
  152. The Visual Computer (International Journal of Computer Graphics)
Also of general interest:
  1. Encyclopedia Britannica Online
  2. Oxford English Dictionary
  3. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
  4. Roget's Thesaurus
  5. Search all the Journals and More in LIAS

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