MS in Computer Science Degree Requirements

NOTE: Students entering the program before Fall 2003 can either use the old degree program or the new degree program specified below. All other students must use the new degree program.

A total of 30 graduate credits (400 or above) is required for the degree Master of Science in Computer Science. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be earned for course work approved by the program taken as a graduate student.

Projected Schedule of Courses

Required Courses (12 credits)

COMP 505     Theory of Computation
COMP 511     Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP 512     Advanced Operating Systems
COMP 519     Advanced Topics in Database Management Systems

Additionally, students are required to complete either a thesis or a paper according to one of the two options described below. Students who believe that they have completed a course substantially similar to one of the specific course requirements may apply to have their previous work evaluated for the purpose of exemption to that requirement. If the exemption is granted, another approved course shall be taken in place of that required course. The remaining 18 credits must be completed according to one of the following options:

  1. Thesis Option (18 credits)
    Research into a specific computer science problem, development of a scholarly written paper, and an oral defense. This option requires:

  2. Paper Option (18 credits)
    In-depth study of a specific computer science problem, development of a written paper or project, and an oral defense. This option requires:

A maximum of nine (9) transfer credits will be allowed for course work completed as a graduate student at another institution.

500-level Courses from Other Programs

With the permission from the Computer Science Graduate program, students can receive at most 3 credits toward the M.S. degree from the following courses:

Students who plan to apply one of these courses toward the M.S. degree must obtain pre-approval from the Computer Science graduate program coordinator.

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