BACI is a concurrent programming environment developed by Tracy Camp and Bill Bynum. It is available at: David Strite, a Penn State Harrisburg student, has developed a GUI to work with BACI, which makes understanding and debugging concurrent programs much easier. BACI GUI is available for free download below. You must have Java 1.2 or higher installed to run BACI GUI.

To use the debugger, either copy the jar file or the gzipped jar file below. If using the gzipped file, gunzip so you have the file: baci.jar in your directory. The debugger is started by using the following command:

java -classpath baci.jar baci.gui.Debugger
This command will start the debugger with no file loaded. You also have the option of specifying the pcode filename after the above command to load a file while starting the debugger.

Here are some useful references: