List of Things For New Graduate Computer Science Students To Do

  1. Course Scheduling
    Double check with your advisor about the appropriateness of the courses you are scheduled to take. Class schedules can be found from our web page on Information of local interest.

  2. Student Assistance Center
    Check out the Student Assistance Center for Counseling Services on Test Anxiety, Stress Reduction, Study Effectiveness, etc., as well as Disability Resource and Services. Also check out Diversity/Equity services and Police and Safety Services.

  3. Financial Aid
    The Financial Aid Office is available to answer your questions concerning applications, criteria and deadline dates for Federal, State and institutional grants, loans and scholarships. The office also assists veterans with benefit concerns and problems. You may stop by the office, located in W-112 Olmsted Building, or call 948-6307.

  4. Library
    Check out the library's orientation sessions.

  5. ITS
    All students who attend Orientation should automatically receive Access Accounts. ITS offers a clean, clear, step-by-step Getting Started Guide for new students. Also visit ITS Help Desks for usuful information.

  6. Access Account
    If you attended Freshman Orientation or Transfer Orientation, you should already have your Penn State Access Account. If not, take your Penn State photo ID card to one of the Access Account Signature Stations as soon as possible. You will need your Access Account ID to access your email as well as an account that allows you to access the internet. Most importantly, your Access Account ID will be used by the department. So get an Access Account even if you already have email and internet access from another source.

  7. Penn State Wireless
    To connect your computers or mobile devices to the Penn State Wireless 2.0, follow this instruction for Wireless 2.0.

  8. Sun Lab Account
    After you have gotten your access account, fill out an account request form (available in the department office) and return it to the staff assistant. Be sure to include a temporary password. This password is needed to create an account for you on our Sun Lab machines. You should change your password when you login to the system for the first time. A number of your classes will have work done on the Sun Labs. It is to your advantage to familiarize yourself with the Sun Lab machines and its operating system (Linux).

  9. Access Card for the Sun Lab
    The Sun labs are located in W-210 and W-210A Olmsted Building. The labs are open whenever the Olmsted building is open, i.e., 24 hours a day year round, except during certain holidays. Once your Sun Lab account is created upon your request, you can use your PSU ID card to get into the labs.

  10. Consolidating your email addresses
    If you have more than one email address you should consider routing all of them to one single email address. Check our page on Information of local interest for directions.

  11. Web Page
    Web space for your personal web page is provided by the University as well as by the department. See our web page Information of local interest.

  12. User Guide to Local Usage
    Read the guide to usage of department computers.

  13. Policy on Ethical Use of Computers
    Read the department policy on ethical use of computers.

  14. Department Web Page
    Check the MS student listing to make sure that your name and email address are on that list and are correct. Don't do this until after the first two weeks of classes.

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